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Two Dick Minimum

Another fresh week started, we just had to bring you another new rearstable scene here with a brand new pair of hot and horny gay guys getting to plow one another in the ass. And this couple as you can see, is into leather straps and S&M clothing pretty much. They get to don those outfits and play nasty with each other for the whole afternoon and of course you get to see it all go down without delay. It’s one of those must see scenes with the guys doing whatever they want with one another in front of the cameras and you all. So with that being said, let’s see the rear stable pair having a nasty and hard style gay fuck here this fine day shall we?


They will be taking turns to be the top rest assured, but first and foremost, you just have to see them parade themselves with those amazing and hot leather straps with most of their bodies showing and also caressing one another as they like to tease each other. There’s also some nice sixty nine-ing that you can see and it all just makes the whole thing even better. Enjoy it. You know that this is and will always be your number one spot that brings you the best of the best gay studs fucking with a passion and we aren’t going to change that. Come back soon for more and also check out the past scenes too for even more juicy and hot content!

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RearStable – Destroyer

Hey there guys and gals. You just happened to drop in at the most perfect time to check out another rearstable scene with two hunks getting it on. We know what you want to see and that’s no secret and you can always count on us to bring you some truly delicious studs getting kinky with one another. Now, this pair here, are two sailors on a destroyer type ship that got to have some time off their duties this afternoon. And because of that, these two marines are quite bored and had to do something about it all without delay. Watch closely at this rear stable scene here today and watch them having a nice fuck in a private storeroom this afternoon!

Once they get started nothing’s going to stop them and as you will see, it’s the tattooed guy that gets to take the cock here today. His friend is happy to let him get as much of that cock as he wants, but first order of business is to get to have his cock sucked by the aforementioned tattooed stud. Just watch that cock getting a nice and sloppy blow job to make it rock hard, which happens almost instantly and then see the dude laying on his back with legs spread wide, eagerly waiting to take it up the ass from the other stud here today. We’ll see you soon with more, so enjoy this one as much as you want guys and gals. It’s full of amazing images!


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The Thirst Is Real

You want more rearstable action? Well you came to the right place to see more. This fine week we have another pair of horny dudes that get to put everything on display for you and they have no inhibitions about it. So yeah, get ready to have your socks blow off by one of the best pairs of fuck buddies that we have on the site today and you get to see one juicy and sensual little sex encounter that they get to put on for you and the cameras. And we can pretty much guarantee you that these two will be featured in more future rearstable scenes as well. Anyway, let’s get right to the action and see them playing naughty with one another today shall we?


The two know exactly how to put on a naughty show to begin with and that means some pretty intense and sensual scenes of them kissing and caressing one another as they get more and more naked. The guy with no tattoos gets to take it in the ass from his new fuck buddy here today exclusively so watch as after a good and sloppy cock sucking session, he gets to take his seat and spread those legs nice and wide and take that cock balls deep inside of his fresh and sexy ass too. The other guy makes sure to make him moan a whole lot and the two have lots of fun. We hope that you enjoyed it as well and we’ll have more sex scenes next week for you!

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RearStable – Cock Craze

Hey there and welcome back as per usual to more extra kinky and juicy rearstable scenes with lots of hot and horny studs getting to do some amazing fucking for the cameras and you all to see. And like the title puts it, this show is quite that more or less with the two studs. Both of them crazy horny and ready to get down and dirty and also very eager to show it all off to you guys and gals as they get to fuck one another without delay. So with that in mind, let’s proceed onward with their naughty and kinky show and see them fuck a whole lot this afternoon shall we? The rear stable gallery is full of them getting nasty and naughty!

The guys strip one another off and the only thing that they get to keep on is the classy boots that you can see all of the guys wearing. It makes for some pretty kinky looking scenes and it’s just amazing. Anyway, the more hairy of the two gets to be on the receiving end of the other’s cock and before rubbering up the dude you can see him sucking and slurping on that cock with a mighty passion here today. Just sit back and enjoy seeing the guy enjoy riding that meat pole cowboy style for most of the scene here today. As always there will be more soon and all you need to do is just drop by to check out the shows with the new studs. See you then!


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State Of Arousal

Another fresh week and time to get around to see another new and hot rearstable scene with more hot and horny guys getting to show off to you all this fine afternoon. We know how much you just adore checking out hot and sexy hunks getting wild and nasty and we’ve got some more of that yo show off to you all this afternoon with two extra muscular dudes that got a tad too horny too, and then ended up fucking each other all day long. As you can see, this is also an interracial sex scene as well and you are about to see that chocolate stud about to moan a whole lot in this scene as he takes a vanilla cock up the ass nice and deep!


The jocks know fully well what to do to be a tease to everyone and be sure that their scene will be one that you will remember for quite a long time after today too. Well, as the show begins, the two do the classy stripping of one another and show off those amazing naked bodies on camera for you all to see and enjoy. And once they are done with that as well, they get to have some time kissing with a passion and blowing one another’s cocks. You can then see the black stud bending over and eagerly taking that cock bareback in the ass nice and deep as he moans in pleasure. We’ll be seeing you all really soon with some more amazing and new stuff!

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RearStable – Auto Erotic

For this week’s rearstable scene we have something quite special to reveal and as you can see it comes in the form of another pair of hot and muscular studs getting to show off their love for one another’s bodies and on top of that for very beautiful muscle cars as well. They were in the garage tinkering with the dodge that they restored together to full function and today was the day to put the finishing touches on the car. Well they needed to celebrate of course and as you can see, they had the best type of celebration too which you get to see go down. So let’s just get to see them fucking one another balls deep for today’s rear stable scene shall we?

Well, the action pretty much starts off with them congratulating one another for a job well done and happy to get to finally finish work on the long project that they undertook. The car looks beautiful and well, they were pretty horny so to celebrate, as we said, they get to have a good ol’ fuck right by the side of the fiery red car. Watch the blonde guy take first dibs on getting fucked and you can see him getting right on top of that cock and riding it nice and hard for the rest of this glorious scene here today. We’ll bring you much more to see next week and all you need to do is just sit back and relax as you get to check out the new action too!


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RearStable – Wasteland

In today’s rearstable scene we get to see two more hot guys getting to have some time all to themselves and getting to use that time in a pretty amazing way, fucking each other nice and hard for your viewing pleasure everyone. Meanwhile, you can rest assured that we have decided to have these two star in future scenes as well after the amazing fuck fest that they got to put on for the lot of you here this week. Anyway, we bet that you are eager to get to see this one started so let’s see the two rear stable hunks as they get to take their place and then commence with a truly amazing and intense gay fuck session that you just have to see!


You know that we have the best gay studs showing off for you and these two are no exception to the rule either. They know how to show off their bodies to be a cock tease as well, and they get to be that both for one another and to you guys behind the screens too. Well you can be sure that this turned them on quite a lot and they were quite eager at this point to get to do some proper fucking for you all. Watch them take their time to stuff one another’s fine asses full of thick cock today and enjoy the view of this lovely scene with the two guys here. We’ll see you again next time with another new and fresh update and more hot gay studs!

Take a look at this jock stuffing a tight ass!

Object Of Desire

Hey there again everyone and welcome back. We’ve got some more brand new and classy rearstable goodies to show off this time to you and we bet that you will just adore the kinky play session that gets to go down here today. Since you adored the horny trio that you got to see last week getting to bang one another nice and hard, we decided to bring you another threesome session with guys that like to get just as naughty and bust a nut inside each other’s sexy asses too. So get ready to check out a truly passionate and sexy rearstable scene with some more hot and horny hunks getting to fuck one another just for you and the cameras today!

Well they get to fuck each other for one another’s entertainment too, but we bet that you will enjoy seeing them just as much as they enjoyed banging here today. So to start off, you get to see some pretty amazing and classy stripping as the guys get to display their nude bodies and once that is done, they get down to do some kissing and caressing for you all to see here today. And once their foreplay session gets to end, the guys get to take their place and you can see them for this little fuck train as they get to fuck one another in the ass while taking it too, or at least the middle guy gets to do that, but that will be all of them eventually as they did get around to take turns!


Take a look at these jocks hammering their asses!

RearStable – Primal

Hey there and welcome to a new rearstable scene guys. We know what you want to see and we have much more of it to show off in this glorious update for you all. The scene shows off a pretty amazing and intense threesome that goes down with the hunks and you just need to take the time to check it out today and enjoy the glorious action that gets to take place right in front of your screens. The three studs were ready to get down and dirty with one another and you cannot miss up the chance to see these guys getting to play with one another for the whole afternoon here in their rear stable hard style group fuck fest without any delay.


The glorious part about the whole thing is of course the start of it as well as you get to see the guys putting those muscled bods on display for you all to see and check out without delay. Then they get to decide who gets to be mainly on the receiving end of it all and once that’s settled, the said stud gets to suck and slurp on some nice and hard cocks to make sure that his buddies are rock hard for his sweet and tight ass as well. So sit back and see the said dude getting fucked from both ends with one of the guys fucking his mouth and the other one taking his time to plow his fine ass for most of this scene. And you can see him ending up covered in jizz as well!

Enjoy watching these jocks pounding one another!

Men Of Madrid

The new and fresh rearstable scene is here for you all to see and yes, there are more hot gay studs ready to get it on and show off just how good they are at fucking hard for you all and the cameras to see and as you can clearly observe, you get to see this nice and kinky couple getting to play outdoors as well. Kinda. Well at the very least they got wild with one another on their balcony and they took their sweet time to play with each other for pretty much the whole afternoon for you. Watch their show and check them out enjoying the fuck they have for the whole scene more or less. We bet that you will have tons and tons of fun with seeing them in action!

Well, as we begin their fun little show, the two studs get right to business as they begin to undress and by the looks of it, the guy with the tattoos gets to be the one to take it up the ass from his friend here today. That also means that you get to see him sucking and slurping on that cock with a passion and enjoys it too. But he gets to enjoy himself even more as he gets to bounce up and down that meat pole for the rest of this amazing scene here. So have fun with it like always, and we’ll see you once more soon enough with even more kinky updates. All you need to do is just drop by to check them out and you can bet that they will be as juicy as this one too!


Enjoy watching these jocks hammering their asses!